There can be and there is a lot of debate regarding the efficacy of organic foods. People banking on non-organic foods sometimes come up with proofs of research, funded by agrochemical groups that organically grown foods and chemically injected foods are nutritionally equal. But it is a very misleading campaign. The factor which should be considered is not nutrition but the issue of toxin infestation. What does an insecticide do in a crop at different stages? How much poison is passed into the fruit? Here are some benefits which are well known and established about organic foods.

Better health: Since organic food is not prepared using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it does not contain any traces of these strong chemicals and might not affect the human body.

Better taste: People strongly believe that organic food tastes better than non organic food. The prominent reason for this belief is that it is produced using organic means of production.

Further organic food is often sold locally resulting in availability of fresh produce in the market.

Environment safety: As harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air and water pollution; thus ensuring a safe world for future generations to live in.

Animal welfare: Animal welfare is an important aspect of producing organic milk, organic meat, organic poultry, and organic fish. People feel happy that the animals are not confined to a miserable caged life while eating organic animal products.

Tomatoes for instance are a commonly used commodity in our house holds. It is consumed as raw and also in processed forms. A study According to a 10 year study conducted by the University of California, Davis, organic tomatoes are produced in an environment that has lower nutrient supply as nitrogen-rich chemical fertilizers are not added. This leads to excessive formation of antioxidants such as quercetin (79% higher) and kaempferol (97% higher) in organic tomatoes. As we all know, antioxidants are good for health and help in reducing heart diseases.

These studies have increased the hopes of numerous people who strongly believe that mankind should stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and shift to the more sustainable organic farming practices. There are many studies that prove that there is some pesticide and fertilizer contamination in non organic food, and there are others which claim that organic food is not healthy (they contain harmful bacteria and viruses) because of non usage of strong chemicals. However, none of these studies (showing chemical contamination or presence of bacteria/viruses) do not show any impact on health of individuals.

We believe that organic foods would be playing a significant role in enhancing the natural immunity and make the children of Adam less dependent on man made chemicals.

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