At VectraFoods we have committed to produce organic and maintain clean and ecofriendly cycle through out the production processes. Our early cultivation operations were focused on producing organic vegetables only. However, the success, response and demand has energised the entire work force and have now entered into having our own Organic Fodder for Organic Milk and other products.

VectraFoods does not converge its efforts only upon commercial gains. We have a passion for quality and therefore support all who work for adopting and propagating natural processes for foods cultivation. Through our EcoCult support prorgramme we have partnered with Progressive Farmers and Research Institutions for information dissemination, Community Development and identifying potential growth sectors in the Foods and Agriculture Sector.

We  already have  a partner farm which is efficiently breeding for improved traits of the Red Sindhi Breed. Once thought, hard to find the pure local breed, The Red Sindhi  is now flourishing in natural indigenous environments and promising a sustainable livelihood to the poor tillers of this part of the world.