VectraFoods is happy to offer pure and fresh cow milk. Cows are fed with clean and organic fodder and kept under clean but natural housing. Fresh milk is transported each day to our dedicated customers through a closely monitored supply chain.  We believe and have found it true that clean husbandry and clean feed for cattle  renders a Clean Animal Protein Source both in flesh and milk. No Hormones Injection  for milk production is our clear policy.

The feed for our cattle changes with the change in the season. Selecting the seasonal herbs which are more of nutritional and medicinal properties , the livestock gets a managed natural feed just as in open pastures.


Vectrafoods has ensured availability of proteins again through organic sources. This Organic Protein source is through our clean and naturally bred livestock which is available on demand to fulfill the clean meat and mutton requirements. With halal practices, stocks are available for exports and local consumption.


Vegetables , all Organic are a day to day necessity. We produce all sorts of vegetables allowed by the climate , used in local cookeries and liked by our customers. We tend to live with the pests rather than using commercial pesticides. “ Let a plant develop an immune system against diseases and pests” we will consume the seeds and produce of that plant to obtain that natural resistance to build our immune system stronger and potent.

Red Chillies from Kunri

Kunri is a small town located in the Umerkot district of Sindh, known for its chili production. The variety of chilies grown in Kunri are called dundicut and are only indigenous to this part of the world. Vectrafoods takes pride in assorting and packaging one of the finest Dundicut chili ; famous for its unique taste and hotness, and is ranked highly among species grown in Asia.


Today, Pakistan ranks in the world top twenty potato producing nation. The percentage of the potato crop used for processing has steadily increased. Vectrafood takes pride in producing good quality, smooth and natural yellow and red skin, long and round shaped potatoes . Vectrafood Potatoes are respecting the most acceptable rules worldwide in packaging


Fruits have always been very essential. We produce all sorts of fruits under the circumstances ensured  by the climate and based on the likes of our  customers.


Banana, a fruit which is native to IndoMalaya and Australian regions is cultivated in Sindh since many centuries now. Our Banana fields are located mostly in the Districts of Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas Sindh. VectraFoods takes pride in keeping the fields “Green”. At our farms we make sure that the synthetic materials are used only when there are no other “Green Options”.


Sindh and Punjab provinces are the main producers of this fruit and share of the two provinces in mango production is 79 percent and 20 percent, respectively. Punjab holds about 67percent of the total mango sowing area and produces 80 percent of country’s total mango-crop. Vectrafood is producing the best quality Mango- Singri and Chaunsa perfectly apt for the export and adhering to world standard quality list.


Sindh produces the supreme quality of Chiku or Sapodilla in Pakistan. Vectrafood is one of its key producers. Keeping in mind the health and safety , our fruit is produced in the best soil, light and under the most favorable conditions. Vectrafood takes pride in bring out the best Chiku in the market.